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What is Soccer Golf

2014-05-24 17.20.3250% soccer, 50% golf and 100% outdoor fun for everyone!

Soccer Golf is an experiential fun outdoor activity that is suitable for all ages! It is definitely a ‘must-have’ activity for family outings, birthday parties and corporate events!

Everyone knows how soccer works. Even toddlers who come into contact with a ball would know just what to do; kick it! Golf has become a sophisticated sport in the last century, as international competitions are continuously sponsored by well-known lifestyle & luxury brands. It is often associated with the business world as the sport increasingly becomes a popular opportunity for businessmen to clinch new deals, discuss important projects or foster business relations amongst the top management.
2014-05-24 17.53.03Soccer Golf is here to bridge the gap! Like what it’s name suggests, Soccer Golf is a combination of Soccer and Golf, which utilizes the basic principles of golf, and replaces the golf equipment with the players’ legs and a soccer ball. With the combination of simple soccer skills coupled with precision and accuracy required to score, Soccergolf is indeed an addictive game that constantly triggers players to do better each time they are on the course. Here’s the best part of the game: You get to drink (BEER) on the course, a little booze helps everyone loosen up and better enjoy the game whether they’re playing with family, friends, colleagues or partners. Lots of laughter and excitement will be guaranteed while your team conquers our course one hole at a time!

Players can be as young as 4 years old, as long as they can kick a ball. Of course, the kids don’t get the beers.

Soccergolf, also known as footgolf or “footee”, has been around since the 1980s. However, little is known about the sport in Singapore. It is said that the sport first originated in Sweden where the first ever Foot Golf World Cup was held in Hungary in 2012. Since then, Soccer Golf has been slowly gaining a lot of attention.

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