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If you are looking to have a fun-filled day out, Soccergolf is just what you need! It can be easily picked up by anyone, of any age. Doesn’t matter if the last time your secretary kicked a ball was when she was in her school days or if your operations executive plays soccer every other weekend; this activity simply bonds your team and creates some form of healthy competition between each other too.

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Soccergolf can be played in several formats. We are able to tweak the level of difficulty to fit your team’s requirements. We also serve alcoholic beverages during the course of game, allowing your team to enjoy the team building session on a different level.

Our Soccergolf is located within Punggol Ranch. We are able to provide you with facilities to hold your meeting before the game, have your meals and even to chill out in the evening at Bacon & Booze Bar, all within the Ranch itself.

If you want to top up the fun at your team building event, you can add in a couple of more activities we have on site in Punggol Ranch. Battle your peers and shoot your boss through a game of Combat Skirmish Laser Tag, go on a horse ride experience and even to see how the horses are kept in a stable tour! We have a full range of team building activities for you through our in-house partners in Punggol Ranch, WOW Consultants. They will be able to provide you with

both indoors and outdoors program to your liking. You can even do a campfire program with them over beer and snacks! Drop us an enquiry to organise your event for you.

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